Mobile LED video screen

LED Screens built on to mobile vehicles, can be deployed to engage, captivate and deliver your marketing messages, direct to your target audience, when and where you choose.

Our mobile screens were designed to be used at static locations, the screens elevate and rotate 360 degree’s, providing large format display screens, for any event.

Large Viewing Angle: Wide viewing angle up to 120, bringing a larger visible viewing area.

Well designed cooling system; eliminate noise for its noiseless design.

Aluminum casing with ultra thin, light weight design.

Easy maintenance & IP65 design & long lasting display.

Organized internal wire harnessing…

Super-slim design, easy dismantling and assembling can save the space of trailer LED display.

With the light cabinet in aluminum alloy, we make the trailer LED display much lighter, which reduces the weight of trailer to help it move faster.

No noise pollution occurs during working due to our high-quality cooling fan and alleyway ventilation design which reduce the quantity of cooling fan.

With ingress protection IP65, it’s absolutely safe for your display to continue working under rainy situation.

The working trailer causes static electricity easily, especially in the autumn, so our unique anti-static electricity protection system can protect LED lamps and driver ICs.


With wide-voltage design, it can prevent the damage caused by the high pulse voltage at the start, brake or stop of trailer.